Rhyme or Reason

Kicking off with a gospel holler and a blues harmonica, Ostend-based Thin Line Men's new single jumps into a funky Hendrix- style guitar riff on a thundering bassline, skin tight drums and compelling vocals.
Thin Line Men are back, in a loud and vigorous form.
Now worldwide available for streaming and/or download


Vocals: Patrick Kimpe
Bass: Glenn Rotsaert
Guitars/Backing vocals: Matthias Saessen
Harmonica/Backing Vocals: Jurgen "Chickun" Gryson

Produced and mixed by Ace Zec (Customs, Helsinki) at the Oceanside Studios, Ostend.

Mastered by Brian Lucey (Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys) at Magic Garden Mastering, USA.

Artwork by Gotcha
Pictures by PixbyKryz

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